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The Adventure 

Welcome aboard.... We are sailing the Southwest Caribbean.  Specifically the secluded San Blas Islands off the east coast of Panama.  These 357 islands have gone  untouched by the rest of the modern world.  The life here is laaaaid baaaaaack...  one spectacular sunset at a time.  Here,   some of the lushest crystal clear water.... glistening white beaches and friendly natives. 

Because I love the people,  history and cruising life,  I invite a few people to come crew the experience with me.  If you have never cruised before,  cruising the San Blas Islands will be one of the experiences in your life you will always treasure.  If you have cruised before you won't want to leave this part of the world. 

 Te Konene.

a Bill Garden design Formosa 41' ketch.   She is specifically built as  a blue water cruising boat.   Built of fiberglass and finished with hand carved mahogany and teak.  We have all the conveniences for cruising and living out for extended periods.

TeKonene   is my home.  Her home port and mine is Brisbane, Australia.  I have been sailing most of my life.  I enjoy sharing the adventure and freedom of the cruising life with others.  Sharing expenses with others allows me to continue sharing this lifestyle with others. 

Here is a couple that spent a month.  Terra and Tony  form Detroit love the fresh sea food.... best of all they loved catching it.  Here is one of the Mahi Mahi we all enjoyed.  Its hard to beat!

The Schedule...

Crew scheduling is handled through US Boat Connection of Tampa Florida.  They are in constant contact with us.  He keeps track of us,  our current location,  handles getting people to and from the boat as well as our other communication needs. You are welcome to  cruise for a week,  month or longer. Cruising costs are shared.

What can I say... if you like fresh sea food and tropical fruit....it's the best...  

Learn Spanish & Sail.....  $485/wk
see News/Links for details...Limited Availability .

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